Meet Alison


Alison is a wife, a mum and one of Sydney’s best respected Civil Celebrants.

Working mainly with young adults performing wedding ceremonies, or funerals to mark the farewell of a loved one, Alison is adept at relating to people from all walks of life. Her young adult aged children have provided a fantastic foundation for Alison’s relationship with young people, and she uses this to ensure her ceremonies are relevant and engaging.

new3Alison specialises in bringing unique touches and honouring family, religious and cultural
traditions within her ceremonies. For Alison, your decision to choose her to perform your ceremony is an absolute privilege. Throughout the process, you will experience her guidance and advice, and can rely on her commitment to your needs.

Alison has performed many ceremonies for people from a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs. She can advise on traditions such as hand fasting and warming of the wedding rings, and is receptive to any unique twists you may wish to incorporate.

Very aware of the pressures and stress that often surround any kind of ceremony, Alison is able to ensure that your forms are prepared – including your Notice of Intention to Marry.

Warm, nurturing and experienced, Alison is happy for you to contact her for an obligation-free discussion about how she can best meet your needs.