ID-10040687Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one is never easy. And there is a lot involved in preparing that final farewell – more than you should have to be worrying about at this sad time.

After all, nobody ever wants to plan a funeral.

It’s this sensitivity that has become a trademark of Alison’s work.

Alison is open to you contacting her directly at any time, to conduct a loving and warm farewell. Offering not only the funeral ceremony, Alison is able to guide you through creating eulogies, music choices, photo choices if required, and an Order of Service that can be distributed to attendees.

Alison will assist you in preparing for the funeral, and dedicate her time to the bereaved to ensure that nothing is left unsaid at this farewell.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alison to see how she can help you at this time.